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Voting Publications (in alphabetical order)


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California's Top-Two Voting System (pdf) (rtf) September 2014, #5560.01

Free Trainings on Voting Issues (pdf) (rtf), Sept 2010, #5452.01

Frequently Asked Questions about Voter Identification (pdf) (rtf) October 2012, #5515.01

How Can I Vote if I Am Hospitalized? (pdf) (rtf), September 2010, #5417.01

How Regional Centers Can Help You Register to Vote (pdf) (rtf) December 2013, #5490.01

VAACs: How County Elections Offices Can Start a Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee (pdf) (rtf) June 2017, #5601.01

VAACs: How Voters with Disabilities Can Make Elections More Accessible (pdf) (rtf) December 2016, #5594.01

Voters with Disabilities (pdf) (rtf) July 2016, #5412.01

Voting: Rights of Individuals Placed Out of County (html) (rtf) (pdf), June 2008, #5471.01

You Can Vote Even if You Can't Sign Your Name (pdf) (rtf), #5473.01, September 2014

Your Right to Vote and Register to Vote When You are in a Facility (pdf) (rtf), October 2016, #5414.01

Your Vote is Important (pdf) (rtf), May 2011, #5498.01

Your Voting Rights Under Conservatorship (SB 589) (pdf) (rtf), October 2016, #5590.01