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In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Publications (in alphabetical order)



In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Overtime Exemptions (pdf) (rtf) June 2016, #5585.01

New Rules for IHSS: Overtime & Related Changes (pdf) (rtf) (January 2016, Pub #5586.01)

Nursing Facility/Acute Hospital (NF/AH) & In-Home Operations (IHO) Waivers Overtime Exemptions May 19, 2016 (pdf) (rtf) (May 2016, Pub #5587.01)

General IHSS topics

County IHSS Eligibility Workers Must Process The Application of Persons In Nursing Facilities and Hospitals (Pub# 5239.01) (pdf)

Fact Sheet on California's Budget Cuts to Benefits Programs – In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS): Fingerprinting and Anti-Fraud Activities (pdf) (August 13, 2009, #F008.01)

Challenge IHSS Reductions and/or Terminations and Prepare for Hearing (pdf) (Accessible version RTF) (June 2017, #5482.01)

The IHSS Program Covers Paramedical Services (pdf) (rtf) October 2014, #F044.01

In-Home Supportive Services - Nuts and Bolts - Index Page to select individual chapters, appendices, manual (May 2008)

In-Home Supportive Services Protective Supervision (pdf) (rtf), October 2015, #5493.01

IHSS Fair Hearing & Self-Assessment Packet, includes October 2006 update/insert (pdf) (rtf) June 2002 with October 2006 update/insert, #5013.01

The IHSS Program covers Paramedical Services! Paramedical Services are particularly important for those who may be subject to the Functional Index Cuts and Terminations (Pub# F04401) (pdf)

New Medical Certification Requirement Fact Sheet (pdf) (rtf) (html) Plain English (pdf) (August 2011,Pub #F059.01)

Request for information: Documenting Patient's Functional Limitations (html) (pdf), (rtf) September 2007, English, #5467.01

Right to Request a Home Hearing (How to request a Home Hearing) (pdf) (rtf), December 2009, #5485.01

What In-Home Supportive Services Recipients Should Know About Home Visits (pdf) (rtf) (#5494.01, February 2011)

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