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Disability Rights California provides materials in alternative formats and provides disability related reasonable accommodations when requested. If you need materials in an alternative format or if you need reasonable accommodations to access other DRC services call 916-504-5800; TTY 800-719-5798.


Developmental Disabilities Programs and Services

Annual Family Program Fee (pdf) (rtf) (2014, #F049.01)

Changes to Early Start - Utilization of Private Insurance (pdf) (rtf) (Pub #F073.01, September 2012)

Changes to Supported Living Services (pdf) (rtf) (html) (July 2012, #F028.01)

Early Start Eligibility – Effective January 1, 2015 (pdf) (rtf) (December 2014, #F057.01)

Financial Management Services/Participant-Directed Services 2011 (pdf) (rtf) (2011, #F060.01)

Maximizing Resources for Behavioral Services (pdf) (rtf) (audio MP3 file format.) (2011, #F053.01)

Mixed Payment Rates in Residential Facilities with Alternative Residential Model (ARM) Rates (pdf) (rtf) (2011, #F056.01)

New Laws to Help People Stay Out of Institutions and Other Restrictive Settings (pdf) (rtf) (November 2014, #F070.01)

Private Insurance Appeals Including Independent Medical Review (IMR) for Health Plans under the Authority of the California Department of Managed Health Care (DHCS) or Department of Insurance (DI) (pdf) (rtf) (Pub #F072.01, September 2012)

Special Education Instead of Adult Services for Consumers Between the Ages of 18-22 (pdf) (rtf) (2011, #F050.01)

Tailored Day Service and Vouchered Community-Based Training Service (pdf) (rtf) (2011, #F055.01)

Transportation Services (pdf) (rtf) (2011, #F051.01)

Use of Generic Services and Private Insurance and the Requirement to Provide Copies of Health Benefits Cards (pdf) (rtf) (2011, #F054.01)

What does SB 946 (which requires insurance to provide some services for people with autism) mean for me? (pdf) (rtf) (Pub #F071.01, November 2014)


Benefits programs

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Elimination of Buy-in (2009, #F007.01)

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS): Fingerprinting and Anti-Fraud Activities (2009, #F008.01)

SSI benefits are Being Cut Again (2009, #F011.01)