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Abuse and Neglect Publications (in alphabetical order)

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Abuse and Neglect of Adults with Developmental Disabilities: A Public Health Priority for the State of California (html) (pdf), Pub #7019.01

An Investigation Into the Circumstances Surrounding the Deaths of Ernesto E., Kelli S., and Rachel D. (html) (pdf), Pub #7005.01

An Investigation Into the Death of Levesque at Sutter-Yuba Bi-County Mental Health Services Psychiatric Health Facility (htm) (pdf), Pub #7010.01

An Investigation Into the Death of Laurjean T.; Asphyxiation from Medically Contraindicated Positioning in Restraints (pdf), Pub #7009.01

An Investigation Into the Failure to Protect Residents of California's Developmental Centers From Physical Abuse (html) (pdf), Pub, #7001.01

An Inquiry Into the Death of Marc Kiefer at East Bay Hospital (html) (pdf), Pub #7007.01

An Ounce of Prevention: Law Enforcement Training and Mental Health Crisis Intervention (Pub #CM51.01) (pdf) (Accessible version)

Compilation of Select Laws & Regulations Regarding Behavioral Restraint & Seclusion (pdf) (rtf) Pub #5457.01

Consumer Information about the Social Security Administration Representative Payee Program (pdf) (rtf) Pub #5561.01

The Deadly Failure of a Hospital to Follow a Patient's Decisions about his Medical Care (pdf) (rtf) Pub #7026.01

Health and Safety Risk at Agnews Developmental Center (html) (pdf), Pub #7002.01

Investigation of the Circumstances of the Deaths of K.C. and C.C. at Patton State Hospital and J.V. at Camarillo State Hospital (htm) (pdf), Pub #7008.01

Keep Nursing Home Residents Safe: The State Must Hold Nursing Homes Accountable for Resident Deaths (pdf) Pub #7031.01

Law Enforcement's Response to the Sexual Assault of Daniel Sharp (html) and cover memo (html) or Law Enforcement's Response to the Sexual Assault of Daniel Sharp (pdf) and cover memo (pdf), Pub #7022.01.

The Lethal Hazard of Prone Restraint: Positional Asphyxiation (pdf), Pub #7018.01

My Responsibilities as the Organizational Representative Payee: A Best Practices Guide (pdf) (rtf) Pub #5562.01

Protecting Yourself Against Unsafe Living Conditions and Evictions (pdf) (rtf) Pub #5501.01

Psychiatric Polypharmacy: A Word of Caution (html) (pdf), Pub #7020.01

Public Advisory: Death Of Woman With A Psychiatric Disability Caused By Hospital’s Failure To Monitor Bowel Function While Prescribing High Doses Of Anticholinergic Medication (html) (pdf), Pub #7015.01

Public Advisory: In re the Matter of Rachel D: Scalding Death Reveals Inadequate Regulation and Oversight of Basic Safety Hazard in Psychiatric Health Facilities (html) (pdf), Pub #7012.01

Public Advisory: Strangulation Death of Boy with a Developmental Disability Caused by Community Care Facility's Illegal Use of Restraint (html) (pdf), Pub #7013.01

Reporting Abuse of an Elder and Adult with a Disability (for consumers) (pdf) (rtf), Pub #7024.01

Reporting Elder and Adult Abuse: It is your Duty! (for mandated reporters) (pdf) (rtf), Pub #7025.01

Report of an Investigation Into the Circumstances Surrounding the Death of Kaye L. on February 4, 1997, at the Mendocino County Jail (html) (pdf), Pub #7014.01

Report of an Investigation into the Death of Lisa Russell on August 7, 1998 (pdf), Pub #7017.01

Report of an Investigation into the Deaths of Charles Vaughn, Sr., on May 19, 1998, and Marvin Noble, on July 16, 1998 (html) (pdf), Pub #7016.01

Report of Napa State Hospital's Failure to Protect Residents From Abusive Seclusion and Restraint Practices and to Properly Investigate Related Potential Criminal Acts by Staff (html) (pdf), Pub #7011.01

Restraint & Seclusion in California Schools: A Failing Grade (html) (pdf), Pub #7023.01

Restraint and Seclusion in Schools: Recommendations for California (Pub #CM61.01) (pdf) (rtf)

A Review of the Circumstances Surrounding the Death of M.A. (html) (pdf), Pub #7003.01

A Review of the Neglect, Restraint, and Death of Z.J. at Napa State Hospital (html) (pdf), Pub #7004.01

A Series of Genital Lacerations at One Developmental Center. Did DDS Respond Properly? (pdf(html, no footnotes), Pub, #7021.01

Victimized Twice: Abuse of Nursing Home Residents, No Criminal Accountability for Perpetrators (pdf) (rtf), Pub #5488.01.