California’s protection & advocacy system

For legal assistance call 800-776-5746. For all other purposes call 916-504-5800 in Northern CA

or 213-213-8000 in Southern CA. TTY 800-719-5798.


Visitation Notice

This notice is to inform you, as the parent/guardian of a youth at Yolo County Juvenile Hall, that Disability Rights California (DRC) will be conducting a monitoring visit to Yolo County Juvenile Hall on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. This simply means that DRC staff will be visiting the facility, observing the general conditions, and speaking with staff and youth.

Disability Rights California is the federally mandated Protection and Advocacy System (P&A) for the state of California. As such, it is Disability Rights California’s responsibility to advocate for and protect the rights of individuals with disabilities in the state.

If you have any questions, please contact Tifanei Ressl-Moyer, Legal Fellow at Disability Rights California.
She can be reached at (916) 504 5954 or toll free at (800) 776-5746.