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Mental Health Stigma & Discrimination Reduction Project

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Policy Papers

Policy Paper: Examining the Unique Challenges Faced by Students with Psychological Disabilities as They Transition from High School to Community College (Mental Health Advocacy Services policy paper) (pdf) (rtf)

Recovery Focused Hospital Diversion and Aftercare – Transformation in Services Will Equal Transformation in Lives (Pub #CM62.01) (pdf) (rtf)

Restraint and Seclusion in Schools: Recommendations for California (Pub #CM61.01) (pdf) (rtf)

Placement of Individuals Found Incompetent to Stand Trial: A Review of Competency Programs and Recommendations (Pub #CM52.01) (pdf) (rtf)

An Ounce of Prevention: Law Enforcement Training and Mental Health Crisis Intervention (Pub #CM51.01) (pdf) (Accessible version)

Everyone’s Neighborhood: Addressing “Not in My Backyard” Opposition to Supportive Housing for People with Mental Health Disabilities (Pub #CM53.01) (pdf) (rtf)


California’s 2013-2014 Legislative Session: A Review of Selected Mental Health Bills (Pub #CM66.01) (pdf) (rtf)

California’s 2011-2012 Legislative Session: A Review of Selected Mental Health Bills (Pub #CM37.01) (pdf) (rtf)

Legislative Filter to Help Spot Mental Health Stigma and Discrimination (Pub #CM48.01) (rtf)


How to Avoid Perpetuating Harmful Misconceptions about Mental Health Disabilities and Violence (Pub #CM63.01) (pdf) (rtf)

Position Statement - Children with Incarcerated Parents: An Unmet Mental Health Need (Pub #CM49.01) (pdf) (rtf)

Legal Provisions that Reduce Mental Health Stigma and Discrimination and Encourage Community & Non-Traditional Services (Pub #CM38.01) (pdf) (rtf)

Report on dehumanizing terms in California codes that foster stigma against people with mental health challenges & policy recommendations (Pub #CM36.01) (pdf)


Comments on Proposed Regulations by the Department of Managed Health Care Title 28, California Code ofRegulations (C.C.R.) §1300.67.005, Essential Health Benefits Filing Worksheet, Control No. 2013-4186 (pdf)

Professional Standards on the Attorney-Client Relationship in LPS Conservatorship Proceedings (pdf) (California Defender magazine article by Michael Stortz former DRC attorney, page 94)

Suggestions for Supportive Housing-Related Updated to HCD's Building Blocks for Effective Housing Elements - memorandum (pdf) (rtf) (Pub #CM59.01)CalMHSA logo image

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